Keynote Lecture 1. Embodied Representation of Number Knowledge. Martin Fischer

 Keynote Lecture 2. Morphological systems and their neurobiological substrates. William Marslen-Wilson


Cognitive control in (fluent) language production: Evidence from individual differences and neurodevelopmental disorders. Paul E. Engelhardt.

 Psychophysical methods in experimental morphology. Maria Falikman, Maria Vasilyeva, Olga Fedorova, Ekaterina Pechenkova

Inflectional paradigm and decomposition in a second language. Kira Gor.

Referential Choice: Factors and Modeling. Andrej A. Kibrik, Mariya V. Khudyakova, Grigory B. Dobrov, Anastasia S. Linnik.

Changes in functional connectivity within the fronto-temporal brain network induced by regular and irregular Russian verb production. Maxim V. Kireev, Natalia Slioussar, Tatiana V. Chernigovskaya, Alexander D. Korotkov, Svyatoslav V. Medvedev.


Relational and morphophonological processing within the left fronto-temporal language network. Anastasia Klimovich-Smith, Mirjana Bozic, William Marslen-Wilson. 

Action and speaker gaze effects on language comprehension. Pia Knoeferle.

Collecting Electromagnetic Articulatory Data for a Corpus of Russian Speech. Daniil Kocharov, Olga Glotova.

Language learning in the infant brain. Teija Kujala.

 Spatiotemporal dynamics of sentence processing: are distinct neural populations responsible for morphological and morphosyntactic parsing? Alina Leminen, Sini Jakonen, Miika Leminen, Jyrki P. Mäkelä, Minna Lehtonen.

Phonologically typicality and dyslexia: An eye movement study. Andriy Myachykov, Paul E. Engelhardt , Thomas A. Farmer.

Behavioral effects of number of stem allomorphs on word recognition. Alexandre Nikolaev, Minna Lehtonen.

Self-repairs in the Prosodically Annotated Corpus of Spoken Russian. Vera Podlesskaya


The Functional Model of Spoken Word Recognition: Evidence from Russian. Elena Riekhakaynen.


Morphologic ambiguity in sentence processing: Evidence from Russian. Natalia Slioussar, Natalia Cherepovskaia.


 Automatic neural discrimination of lexical information in visually presented words: EEG and MEG data. Yury Shtyrov.


Processing modifier–head agreement in L1 and L2 Finnish: An eye-tracking study. Seppo Vainio, Anneli Pajunen, Jukka Hyönä.