Previous workshop

The first Night Whites workshop was held on December 16-17, 2011, at the University of St. Petersburg and featured a series of talks by Russian and international speakers, as well as a selection of poster presentations and a round-table discussion on current issues in experimental language studies. Here are the program and the abstracts.

Videos from the first workshop can be found here and below:
M. Bergelson et al. Compensating Spatial Impairments: Spatial-Dynamic Stereotypes
D. Boricheva & A. Alexandrov. Mismatch negativity: word frequency effect in healthy individuals, disturbances of simple MMN in cognitively impaired
T. Chernigovskaya. Anaphora in Language Acquisition and Pathology
A. Dubasova. Lexical ambiguity as a tool in understanding the nature of the language processing system
N. Egorova. Neurophysiology of speech act processing
A. Kibrik. Interaction of the verbal, prosodic, and visual components in language understanding
T. Kujala. Auditory deficits and their amelioration in dyslexia
L. MacGregor. Prediction, attention and memory: what disfluency tells us about the comprehension of spontaneous speech
A. Myachykov. Visual attention, conceptual accessibility, and structural choice in sentence production
C. Scheepers. Mental Simulations of Voice and Speech during Reading of Quotations

The meeting was hosted by the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of St. Petersburg State University, and co-organised by St.Petersburg State University, Medical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit (MRC CBSU, Cambridge) and the Psychology Department of the University of Glasgow.

Organising committee: Prof Yury Shtyrov (MRC CBSU), Prof Tatyana Chernigovskaya (SPU), Dr Andriy Myachykov (Glasgow U) and Dr Anzhalika Dubasava (SPU, local coordinator).